Sunday Service

Sunday services

Every Sunday, we come together to worship Jesus through music, prayer and teaching at 11am.  Our service has a combination of more modern worship, led by our Praise Group and traditional worship inspired by our organist or pianist, our main hymnbook is Singing the Faith. 

Holy Communion is very important in the Methodist church and the monthly frequency makes it a special service. Everyone is welcome to participate in all aspects of our worship.

Our Sunday school joins us for the first part of the service and then leave to go their groups.

Mountpottinger has an informal atmosphere, please feel free to wear anything you like when you come to church! Some of our members still come to church very smartly dressed while others wear jeans and T-shirts. Although worship starts at 11am some people will arrive early to prepare the building, and on certain Sundays tea and coffee are available before church. Oh, and if you’re late, don’t worry – you won’t be the last person to arrive, there’s always someone after you!

Who leads the service?

The welcome and announcements are always given by Clifford McKechnie, our Society Steward – or a member of the church council. The leader of the service may be our minister or a Local Preacher. Local Preachers are not ordained and have been trained by the Methodist Church as preachers – they come from all backgrounds and across all ages. This variety of preachers is a rich strength of Methodism as Local Preachers are well-placed to make connections between their secular lives and the Gospel message. The names of all the preachers are published in advance and can be found in the Calendar of Events.

Resources used in worship

Holy Communion is celebrated once a month during morning service.  If anyone is unable to travel to church but would wish to celebrate Holy Communion this can be arrange with our Minister and Church Visitors.

The New International Version of the Bible (NIV) can be found in the pews.

We regularly use our projector and encourage ministers and local preachers to work with our team to prepare the songs, images or video clips as required.

We have a new audio system and audio loop.


Wheelchair access to the church is via the side entrance.  A public address system is used during services and there is a loop system for the hard-of-hearing.