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We are committed to helping each other grow together in our Christian faith and in our worship and service of God in this area of inner Belfast and beyond.

We recognise that the people of God are called to prayer. As a church grounded firmly in East Belfast, we are aware of the need to pray for, and practically support, the local community. If you have a request for prayer, we will undertake to pray for that issue, maintaining as much confidence and discretion as you feel appropriate. Simply notify our Minister or Society Steward of your prayer request, or post a note into our prayer box on the church railings. Alternatively, you can send a prayer request in the "find out more" section at the bottom of our website.

We listen and respond to each other’s spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual needs with love in Christ, respect, encouragement and support; to provide wholesome activities and resources, upgrading various features of our church facilities to provide a welcoming, safe, forward-looking environment where we can grow in faith, love and service